The Pearl of the East - Karelia

High on a hill, in the village of Jouhkola in Tohmajärvi, the Pearl of the East wraps you in the gentle embrace of Finnish nature. From the top of a forested hill, the traditional Karelian landscape opens up over Lake Tohmajärvi and you experience a silence that can only be dreamt of.

Within the simple, beautiful and soothing atmosphere of the Pearl of the East, you breathe pure, fresh countryside air into your lungs and let your busy mind rest.

You awake rested and relaxed after spending the night wrapped in silence, safely ensconced in a traditional off-the-grid farmstead building. After morning sauna, a generous breakfast of pure and fresh ingredients awaits you in the summer kitchen to nourish your body as well as your mind.

Following morning stretches, you can enjoy pastimes of your choice and spend your time leisurely being one with nature. The Pearl of the East’s simple life is complemented by delicious lunches and dinners, some of which are prepared over an open fire, unhurried morning and evening saunas, enjoying the warmth of a hot tub or a dip in the refreshing waters of the lake, with rowboat outings and evenings spent by the campfire.


Step into the simple life of the Pearl of the East and let time stop.

A Karelian Girl

High on a hill, in her own childhood backyard, Riitta Okkonen welcomes you to the Pearl of the East, from where she set forth into the world in 1981.

Riitta, who has lived in Finland and Central Europe, has strong, multi-faceted expertise in the restaurant sector. After working in a number of high-end restaurants and studying nutrition, she has been a successful entrepreneur and lecturer since 1999.

After facing the challenges of the world, Riitta’s Karelian roots have only become stronger. She has refurbished her grandfather’s 1940’s hand-hewn log cabin and its grounds; the same place where she spent a simple and happy life as a child. Now the gates to the grounds are also open for you to experience a simple Finnish life.

The Pearl of the East offers

The Pearl of the East offers a simple, rustic life in a traditional Finnish setting between mid-June and mid-September. Our facility can accommodate between 2 and 12 people at a time.

At the Pearl of the East, you are housed in a natural setting, safely tucked away in a traditional off-the-grid farmstead building with a panoramic view of the lake.

The use of bed linen and towels is included in the price. Near the farmstead buildings, there is a biological compost outhouse and in the main building, there is also an indoor bathroom.

In the mornings and evenings, we heat up a real Finnish wood-burning sauna for our guests to enjoy. Two saunas are available. There is one between the main building and the outbuildings and another on the lake shore, about 600 meters away. On the hill, there is a hot tub near the sauna and from the shore, you can take a dip in the refreshing waters of Lake Tohmajärvi.

Breakfast, lunch and afternoon coffee are offered in the well-equipped summer kitchen near the main building and the outbuildings. The summer kitchen also serves as a cozy living room to hang out in. As a guest, you are welcome to participate in making dinner which for the most part is prepared over an open fire in the barbeque hut by the lake or in the summer kitchen. Meals include freshly baked rolls and pastries, as well as home-grown and local produce. Our food is always fresh and prepared with love.

Two Night Package

Day 1
Accommodation in simple outbuildings (no electricity)
from 2:00 p.m.
Snacks and drinks
Free time in Finland’s
traditional nature
Evening sauna by the lake, Campfire
storytelling, Winding down

Day 2
Morning sauna and stretching
Buffet breakfast, featuring local cuisine
Forest Walks
Buffet lunch
Intuitive Vedic Art Style Painting
Buffet dinner
A special evening sauna - (birch and rowan sauna whisks)

Day 3
Morning sauna and stretching
Buffet breakfast featuring local cuisine

Price with full board and program (2 nights)
380 € / person (VAT included)

The opportunities are endless

Longer stays at the Pearl of the East are also possible Request a customized quote for your group. For example, ask about a 6-day Vedic Art painting course or a week-long relaxation package in the lap of nature.

You can organize the activities of your stay according to your interests.

Among other things on offer are: drum meditation, berry picking and discovering Finnish natural herbs, day trips to the nearby cities of Joensuu and Savonlinna, a 6-hole private golf course half an hour away, or a full 18-hole golf course an hour's drive away (Kerigolf in Kerimäki or Karelia Golf in Joensuu).


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