I worked in the restaurant industry for about 20 years, in places like the Hotel InterContinental, Finlandia Hall, and Käfer Party Service catering in Munich. For health reasons I changed careers in 1999.

I studied nutritional therapy at the Salus Health Institute and nutrition science at university and attended several courses in Germany over a period of eight years. In addition, I completed Mineral Diet Data Ltd.’s course on the analysis of heavy metal and trace elements in human hair in Finland.


The well-being product family includes

Lecture – Boost Energy though Nutrition

Getting too acidic? Vitality and stamina from food!

  • Life and death reside in the intestinal tract / the Squatty Potty
  • The acid-base balance
  • The meaning of vitamin, mineral and trace elements
  • Food choices in the prevention of diabetes
  • Daily tips for eating right
  • Are food supplements necessary?

Lecture - “The Squatty Potty” party

At the Squatty Potty party, we will explore the importance of the intestinal tract to the well-being of the whole body in fun and simple way. The presentation lasts about 40 minutes and afterwards we will have a discussion and a yogurt tasting. Participants will also complete a personal health and fitness test, which will serve as the basis for creating a personal nutritional supplement program for those who would like one.

The hostess invites friends and acquaintances over; A good number is around 10 people, but you can certainly have a few more or less. However, there is a 4-person minimum.

The topic is really trendy now, so anyone who is interested in their own well-being or the prevention of diseases should join in.

So, gather a crowd, and then tv personality Riitta Okkonen will come to give a talk.

Nutritional Supplements

Functional and high-quality nutrition supplements can be found at fitline.com